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A Look at Modern Garage Door Styles and Their Features

Now many years ago, a garage door was just considered a way of closing off the garage. Though over time it has evolved considerably to the point where it adds aesthetic and functional value. Not to mention that now there are many different styles of garage doors available and with many new features. In this [...]

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Why Buy a Side Mount Garage Door Opener?

Many people have heard a lot about side-mounted garage door openers and wonder if it is right for their home. Side mount or mounted openers also called jackshafts have a number of advantages. To start with they don’t require much maintenance and are space-efficient. However, these are just the tip of the benefits iceberg. The [...]

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How to Spot a Garage Door Repair Scam?

All industries continue to be plagued by services which can best be defined as fraudulent. The garage door repair industry is no different. Each year scores of people get conned by so-called cheap or expert services. The best way not to get conned is to understand how the most common garage door repair scams works. [...]

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Why Accoya is the Best Timber for Garage Doors?

We have seen that several people still prefer timber garage doors instead of their more durable stainless steel counterparts. However, if you’re hellbent on buying timber or wooden garage doors, Accoya is perhaps amongst the best options out there. Accoya does not have many of the issues plaguing other types of wood and which makes [...]

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The Many Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Many people are not sure if they should buy Insulated Garage Doors. Well, there are a number of reasons why you should. In this article, we will go over the many benefits of an insulated door and why investing money in it is a good decision. A Warmer Garage Sure, you may have insulated walls [...]

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The Questions We Get Asked the Most about Garage Door Repair

We have been professional garage door repair specialists for many years. Over the years we have been asked a particular set of common questions by clients. These questions aren’t technical in nature but are directly related to garage door repair. We know from experience that to many people these are important questions. That’s why we’ve [...]

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