We have seen that several people still prefer timber garage doors instead of their more durable stainless steel counterparts. However, if you’re hellbent on buying timber or wooden garage doors, Accoya is perhaps amongst the best options out there. Accoya does not have many of the issues plaguing other types of wood and which makes them perfectly suited for garage doors. While it is slightly pricier, but they look fantastic and are durable.

The Most Common Issues with Ordinary Timber Doors?

The majority of timber doors require a great deal of maintenance to ensure that they continue looking good. All materials that are used to build garage doors do require a degree of maintenance, and so it is unfair to single timber out. However, timber doors are vulnerable to the elements like dampness, snow, termites, etc. So, if you live somewhere around the coast, you’ll want to choose timber that’s been treated to withstand the elements. Plus, steel wouldn’t be the best choice as the salt from the sea can destroy most paint finishes and inferior steel.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Why Do we recommend Accoya?

Facts about Accoya reveal that it is an excellent material for garage doors. For starters, it has a life expectancy of around 50 years on average. When exposed to water, it can still last for an average of 40 years. This is because the timber is exposed to acetylation, whereby the wood’s cell structure is altered to enhance its strength. There is no other wood that can become as durable as Accoya.

Most sellers of certified Accoya wood garage doors back their doors with a decade long guarantee at least. The guarantee covers factory finishing. Also, because the timber absorbs very little water, they’re fine surface can easily be painted on to. So, the timber is more resilient and isn’t as easily damaged by wear and tear like other types of wood. That’s why the paint lasts longer.

Accoya is also environmentally friendly through every stage of its lifecycle. It contains no toxic materials or chemicals, while its production yields little to no greenhouse gases, i.e. CO2. Plus, it is naturally renewable, and it is sourced only from forests where this timber is fairly abundant.

Despite the use of modern and innovative technologies, Accoya still looks like it always did with its excellent finishes and graining. So, they look excellent, which adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Another reason to choose Accoya is the fact that it is rot proof. Since it is strengthened from the surface to the core, the end result is very strong wood.

Finally, we recommend Accoya is because when damaged, it can easily be repaired. Gouges, scratches and other damages can easily be repaired. However, some boards, when damaged beyond repair will have to be replaced. That’s something which is nearly impossible to do with aluminum and steel door panels.


While Accoya is great for garage doors, there are other options you can consider too. Feel free to contact us for recommendations.