Many people sit back and wonder why their garage door isn’t opening. You probably tried to do everything in your power, but the garage door refuses to work short of manually opening it.

The fact is that there are many reasons why a garage door does not work or refuses to work. In this article, we’ll list 10 reasons why a garage door does not work.

The Photo Eye is Blocked

Garage doors with a Photo-eye Responsible For Detecting something in its path tend to stop working when there is something in its path. You will want to determine if the cord is attached to the eye and ensure it is in one piece. If there is a problem with the cord, then call a professional.

Power Source is Disrupted

Many people may forget that their garage door isn’t working because it is unplugged. Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but it does not hurt to check. Even if the power source is plugged in, there is a possibility that it is broken.

The Torsion Springs Are Broken

Many of the problems associated with your garage door aren’t just limited to the remote or the keypad. There could be a mechanical issue like with the torsion springs. When the torsion springs are broken, you will hear a loud noise similar to firing a gun. If you heard this sound, call a garage door professional.

Snapped or Broken Cables

It isn’t uncommon for Old Garage Door Cables to Break or Snap. Many times when the torsion spring breaks, the cable will also snap. It can be a serious threat to your vehicle and can cause physical harm. That’s why you’ll want to hire a Garage Door Repair Professional right away.

Out of Adjustment

It is a problem with many newer garage doors. If the sensitivity of the garage door is set too high or low, it has a hard time opening. The best thing to do here is to check the manufacturer’s site for directions or the user’s manual to reset the machine.

The Remote Control is Faulty

The other reason the garage door may not be working is that the remote is broken. Also, it could be that the remote is out of range. If it is in range but not working, then get the remote fixed.

Limit Setting Adjustment

If the garage door closes but then immediately opens up again, then you have an issue. What you should do in this case is reset the limit settings, which determines how far the door will move so that it can be closed. If the settings are incorrect, the garage door will hit the ground.

Off Track Door

Garage doors can get off track, and that means they don’t slide properly. You will want to put the door back on track and ensure it is rolling smoothly on it.

There is an Obstacle

Garage doors are designed to reverse if there is something in its way. When you experience an issue with the garage door not closing properly, as if something is in its way, you need to check for dirt, rocks, and debris. Wipe down the garage door and see if that works. If all fails, call a garage door technician.

The Disconnect Has Been Switched

Garage door openers come with a disconnect switch which is like a knob. The goal is to offer you control over operating the garage door manually if there is a power outage. Sometimes that switch may be engaged, making it appear as though there is something wrong with the garage door.