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Why Is My Garage Door Buckling? (And How To Fix It)

Anyone who owns and drives a car is highly likely to use their garage door almost every day. However, when something does go wrong, it can be very annoying. Though many complications can be inevitable if you don’t care for the garage door properly.

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Can A Garage Door Be Wider Than The Opening?

To answer the question posed earlier, a garage door can’t be wider than the opening. In fact, your garage door should be the same size as the opening, or maybe even a hair smaller. Also, the rough opening should be a few inches wider than the door to accommodate the frame to ensure a tight fit with a seal.

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Should Garage Door Springs Be the Same Size?

To understand why having garage door springs of the same size is important, it is imperative to understand the role these springs play in the lowering and raising of the door You need to know what functions these springs perform before deciding either way.

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What Causes Garage Door Cables to Break?

Your garage door is made up of many tiny, complicated machines that work in cohesion to lift and lower the garage door multiple times a day. Every one of those machines is essential because it helps the garage door work flawlessly and reliably.

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