Anyone who owns and drives a car is highly likely to use their garage door almost every day. However, when something does go wrong, it can be very annoying. Though many complications can be inevitable if you don’t care for the garage door properly.

Knowing exactly what is causing problems can help you handle them accordingly. Also, it can help you avoid potential problems in the future. One of the most common concerns we hear from many of our clients is that the garage door panel is bending, buckling or sometimes pulling in one direction. At times this buckling is so bad that the door will not close. Fortunately, fixing this issue isn’t all that difficult for a professional. However, the solution to this problem will vary depending on why the garage door is buckling.

Several factors can cause a garage door to buckle, and every one of them has to be checked to ensure that the garage door functions properly. If you want to prevent the garage door from bending or buckling, you will want to watch out for the symptoms outlined below.

The Door is Made from Low-quality Metal

If the Garage Door Is Made From Low-Quality Metal or materials in general, it is highly likely you will start experiencing bending or even breaking. Flimsy materials are susceptible to various forms of damage and have to be replaced with a thick and durable sheet of aluminum.

The Garage Door Has Been Exposed to Lots of Extreme Weather

There are certain cases when weather conditions like storms can cause the garage door panels to start warping, and that leads to buckling. However, you don’t need to repair or replace the entire door, just the affected panels.

You’ve Got Misaligned Tracks

The tracks are instrumental in guiding the trollers to open and close the door. However, when the tracks are not properly aligned, the door gets jammed and will buckle. The misalignment can get so bad that it may even throw the door off track. So, if you think that the tracks are misaligned, you will need to seek the help of a professional right away.

The Door Arm is Not Installed Properly

The arm connects the opener to the door. When it is properly installed, they are diagonally lined up against the door when in the closed position. If the arm isn’t angled correctly or happens to be too straight, the rail will bow up, leading to lots of damage.

You Require a Strut

If you are currently having issues with the garage door opener, the door may require a strut. The strut helps to facilitate the smooth operation of your garage door and will help prevent buckling.

Rollers and Hinges Lack Lubrication

At times a bit of good old grease is what you need to Prevent The Garage Door From Buckling or bowing, which makes some irritating noises. If the machinery is rusty or dry, it will require oiling to fix the problem.

Get Professional Help

If you notice that the garage door is buckling and can’t seem to find out why. Call us today, and we’ll be more than happy to examine and fix your buckling garage door.