Now many years ago, a garage door was just considered a way of closing off the garage. Though over time it has evolved considerably to the point where it adds aesthetic and functional value. Not to mention that now there are many different styles of garage doors available and with many new features.

In this article, we will explore modern garage door style and the features associated with them.

Traditional Garage Doors

As the term suggests, they have a conventional design. These are the four or three-panel wood or metal garage doors adhered to the frame with hinges. The doors mostly roll-up. Some designs are flat, and a couple may have motifs for aesthetic purposes. There are also a couple with small windows at head height, but windows aren’t all that common. If you want a plain garage door, you can’t get any plainer than traditional garage doors.

The Raised Panel

Now, these doors are a lot like traditional garage door typically owing to how they look. However, the difference is the raised panels on the front. The size and the number of panels can vary from nine to six, and usually has a row of small windows located on the top of the door which allows light into the garage. The majority of these doors are made from fiberglass and wood, with some of them made from metal.

Image Credit Wikimedia Commons

Contemporary Garage Doors

There is a very wide selection of contemporary garage door styles. The doors range from those with minimalist designs to ones which are ornate. There are two goals of these doors the first being to make the entryway look stylish and the second being to add aesthetic value to the home.

Glass Garage Doors

These garage doors are becoming increasingly common because they add a whole different type of aesthetic to the home. It is an excellent choice for people who want to turn their garages into entertainment areas. Though made from tempered glass, they have steel or aluminum frames. The glass is then tinted to a color of your choice to ensure privacy. The doors can also have a mirror finish if that’s the aesthetic you want.

Notable Modern Garage Door Features

In addition to all the styles we’ve discussed above, there are an array of features like insulation. Modern doors have insulation that is eco-friendly and helps to reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Windows and glass are two more notable features. Windows allow more light into the garage while glass garage doors give it a more modern look. On the other hand, wood is becoming less popular other than being used for garage door frames. Lightweight construction is another major trend as garage door manufacturers want their doors to be lighter.